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Check your health with labs online, for signs of cancer, diabetes, high cholesterol, heart, kidney, liver, or thyroid disease.

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For identity purposes, all lab test orders will require your name, phone number and D.O.B. This personal information MUST be printed on the lab order form, in order to identify you. Take an identification card to your lab visit, such as a driver's license, that has your Name and D.O.B.

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Sorry, but online lab test orders are not allowed in these states: New York (NY), New Jersey (NJ) and Rhode Island (RI). You cannot order any labs online, if you live in any of these 3 states, because their laws do not permit it yet.


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    For emergent medical conditions, please dial 911, or go to your nearest urgent care, or emergency center.

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    This website is an online informational health network that is owned and operated by the parent company, Healthy Checkup Insurance Services, LLC.  As an online healthcare broker, we connect you with a nationwide network of low cost, online labs and online healthcare providers, that are only available in the USA.

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